Life Of A Fangirl.
Renee. 21. Fangirl (You're damn right) Northern California. Forget regret or life is yours to miss.HUGE Disney lover. Shipper. Personal blog. Multi fandom blog, huge tv and movie junkie. I blog about whatever and whoever. It's a mess really. A huge mess of fandoms, feels and OTP's. No judgment zone, just as I don't want to be judged. I love sports more than a lot of things. San Jose Sharks. Dallas Cowboys. San Francisco Giants. San Jose Earthquakes. My blog is for me to do as I please. WARNING: NOT SPOILER FREE.

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What is this from?

the bible

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You’re restless. You survive.


can we get back to where we’ve started. i miss the times when we used to talk to each other everyday:(


2x01 “We Don’t Need Another Hero” │5x02 “Goodbye”

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We need to unite these people out there. She’s the face of this rebellion. They’ll follow her.


is it just me or once you start watching a new serie all the gifsets of it are suddenly on your dash